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Excuse me, because I haven't been here in several years, but what the fricken frack is this? [18 Dec 2010|12:12am]



I'm sorry I couldn't post it as a picture instead of a giant URL.
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Fancy some old Carl? [31 Aug 2008|01:23am]

some of these pictures have been staring back at me from my bedroom wall since 2003. now you can have them. because you're very nice.

(pardon the poor quality though... understand this was before the digital age)

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227 Carl icons. [06 Aug 2008|06:56pm]

227 icons of Carl over at palynology.

( more... )
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pictures request... [30 May 2008|02:19pm]

I didn't want to study and wasn't able to sleep so I was searching on the web Carlos pictures and figured pictures I seem not to have. Just like the pictures posted HERE that I have just one picture and those SXSW pictures.
Then I'd like to know if someone here has those and could post for me?
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[09 Dec 2007|02:12pm]

Okay, people. NME's doing their awards thing, and the boys need our help in voting them sexy. All you have to do is click these links. You don't have to sign up or anything, and you can click them as many times as you like, I think, so please do so. Peter and Drew are in the top 20 chart, but Drew just barely, and Carl's not in there at all :-( so PLEASE click to vote!


Also, if you're so inclined, Jarvis.

Updates and such are made to the post over at thelibs_daily. There's also a number of other links and such in the comments, so I highly recommend heading over there for information and discussion. ^_^

((crossposted everywhere 'cos this is important, dammit!))
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[10 Sep 2007|06:01pm]
it's run, fat boy, run premiere pictures again. carl's actually looking so mature that it's simply amazing! )

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[10 Jul 2007|06:58am]

just a short vid of carl dancing;}

crosspost arcadia_boys
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[21 Jun 2007|11:29pm]

stripesCollapse )
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[19 Jun 2007|02:30pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Carl and his slightly annoying bassistCollapse )

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[18 Jun 2007|05:23pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Carl and the one to his leftCollapse )

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[16 Jun 2007|07:28pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

tieCollapse )

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[12 Jun 2007|08:12pm]

Hopefully I'm not too late for this.

Since cupofteawithtea isn't doing a daily carlos due to graduating, I thought I'd remind everyone of these in honor of the event. ^_^

Congratulations!Collapse )
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[14 May 2007|10:43pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

I got myself a bottle of Jamesons. Hehe. So i thought I make a picspam here *lol*
We're drinking whisky in a brave new afternoonCollapse )

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[13 May 2007|11:59am]

beacause it's the sexiest thing ever

TattooCollapse )
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[06 May 2007|10:12am]

I'm sorry, but I can't help, I just have to share it with you!


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request [09 Apr 2007|04:47pm]
hi! a friend of mine is with me today, and I wanted to show here some pictures of laughing! Carl, cause you see, I think he's really scary when he really laughs. I saw one of him and pete and I was like
'is he going to die?'
help please? (sorry is this isnt allowed)
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[03 Apr 2007|08:29pm]

This is quite random but I thought I'd share it as it's pretty funny. On Russell Brand's radio show him and Matt Morgan were talking about whilst on his way to the Teenage Cancer Trust gig last Wednesday, Matt was walking behind Carl, and went up behind him and pinched his arse, evoking quite a flighty reaction involving a rubbish kung fu chop.

You can download it here, it's about 4 minutes in, but I typed up the essence as I am bored and it made me laugh.

Read more...Collapse )
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delighted rubbish [21 Mar 2007|09:59pm]

Hello to all of you!
That's my first post to this community, so I really hope you'll like it)

I've found this pic at James Looker site - there's nothing special with it, but Carl looks really delighted here)

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carlos and his hats [17 Mar 2007|10:05pm]

carl loves hats, we all know it
so this is my 1st picspam

i tried my best
please don't pay much attention on my comments to pics
they are boring


click on thumbnails Read more...Collapse )
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[14 Mar 2007|09:45pm]


Does anyon have pics of Carl from Lindeberg? )
thx in advance)
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